*Adopted* Ellie Mae – Standard Bernedoodle Puppy



Introducing Ellie Mae, the darling Bernedoodle puppy! She’s a standard-sized Bernedoodle, expected to reach a comfortable weight of 65-75 lbs once fully grown. Ellie Mae is as cute as they come, with a gentle nature that makes her a pleasure to be around. Her low maintenance disposition and loving temperament make her the ideal companion for those seeking an easygoing addition to their family. With her soft, curly fur and enchanting eyes, Ellie Mae is sure to win your heart in an instant.

Both of Ellie Mae’s parents have successfully passed thorough health checks and genetic testing, ensuring she comes from a healthy and robust lineage. This meticulous process is crucial to prevent the passing of genetic conditions and gives you the peace of mind that Ellie Mae has a strong genetic background.

Bernedoodles are renowned for their intelligence, loyalty, and gentleness, and Ellie Mae is no exception. As a standard-sized Bernedoodle, she’s expected to be an excellent companion, weighing in between 65 and 75 pounds. They have low-shedding coats, which is a big advantage for those with allergies. Bernedoodles are adaptable, developing wonderful relationships with kids, other pets, and even strangers. With her gentle, low maintenance nature, Ellie Mae is ready to fill your home with love and joy.

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